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Another Postcard

Posted on June 15, 2014

Every January 1, I make some kind of resolution, some way to make myself better. Usually it’s based on something that I can accomplish within the year’s time frame and hopefully adopt for the rest of my days. Nine times out of ten, I do a fairly decent job for about two months, and then things begin to slip. In late 2011, I realized that I was wearing the same pants over and over again despite having about ten pairs of black pants for work. Why wear the same four repeatedly? Because they were the ones on top of the pile of clear laundry to be ironed. Duh. So why keep the other six pair? Laziness probably, but who really knows. When January 1…

I Don’t Leap

Posted on February 29, 2012

It just doesn’t happen, that leaping thing. First of all, I would need a new sports bra, and that is just not happening these days. Second, if I can hear my knees creak when I sit down, I can only imagine what would happen if I actually jumped. So . . . I don’t leap. Instead, I’m watching others leap and jump and make merry. Me? I finished the last two episodes of Deadwood‘s second season. Knit a few more rounds on a sweater. Paid for Shelby’s first month’s rent for her German apartment. Ordered her some euros. Did a little grocery shopping. And shed a few tears. So, no, I didn’t leap . . . but I made the most of the extra…