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The Waiting

Posted on May 25, 2012

Chances are if there’s a zoo in a 30 mile radius, the requests will begin. “Hamburg has a zoo, you know … We should visit the zoo … Maybe Thursday we can go to the zoo.” And so we did. I honestly thought this would have faded with time, this fascination with all things zoological. But then again, Jordan was the only one to correctly identify the sturgeon on the television last night, so I don’t think the animal love is going anywhere, anytime soon. So … I’ve never been to a zoo where you can buy bag of food to feed the elephants. Or where you can sit on a bench and have the muntjacs come up for a little handout. Or where…

Zoo Station*

Posted on May 24, 2012

Part of the beauty of renting a flat for the week is having some place to bum around when you don’t want to walk another step. Some place to read quietly. Some place to goof off with your kids. Some place to cook dinner and share a family dinner. Some place to pretend you’re all sitting around your own living room cracking up over stupid shit. Some place to call home. * And I totally didn’t get Dave’s reference in Berlin that we could take the U2 to the zoo station … which is bad when you have insisted on naming your oldest child after Bono’s oldest child.

Sooner or Later

Posted on May 22, 2012

On the recommendation of a friend, we visited Miniature Wunderland in the harbor area of Hamburg. Not knowing what to expect other than a shit load of trains, I gotta say it’s pretty impressive. And the attention to detail and the creativity blew me away. The funniest part? The German fascination to sex outdoors or nudity in general. But then again, that was half the fun … looking for the people “doing it.” That and the cows snorkeling. Off to Berlin today on the ICE. Should be fun but makes for a long day.

You Are My Sunshine

Posted on April 15, 2012

They turned 21 today, two continents apart. We Skyped with both of them. Not much I can say about my daughters that I haven’t already said before: they are the reason I get up every day, they make me a better person, they bring a smile to my face. Basically, they are awesome. Here’s looking towards the day we can all sit down and legally enjoy¬† a beer . . . only 35 more days to go. Happy birthday, Jordan and Shelby! Here’s last year’s video for their 20th birthday.