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Shake It Off

Posted on August 29, 2014

When I was in the seventh grade, it was a fairly traumatic time for me. The company my father had worked for during the previous decade was in the process of shutting down its local plant. Some of the men and women who worked there would be transferred to another location, but most of them would be out of a job. Our family started to making “what if” plans that included my father returning to school to become a veterinarian. Near the end of the third marking period, my mother showed up with my brother and a smile on her face. Dad was being transferred to the plan in Ohio – YAY! Which meant moving and starting a new school – BOO! To a…

Elastic Heart

Posted on December 31, 2013

I don’t think 2013 has been a particularly hard year, but I can’t say that I will look back on it with much love or fondness. About the best thing I can say about it: the girls graduated from college with honors and on time. That’s about it. Oh, and we adopted Lucy, our lovable beagle-Labrador. And I started running. And I still love my job. And my husband (that goes without saying since he pretty much balances me). And I got to spend one more Christmas with my girls and him. So, in 2014, I vow to: – blog more (I miss it) – grade more efficiently (because it sucks) – run better (still trying) – cook more (because I’m pretty much proficient…

Land of Gathering

Posted on June 23, 2013

On Monday of last week, the girls and I took a very quick trip to Boston. Nothing major. Really nothing planned other than looking at apartments for Jordan since she’s going to grad school there in the fall. It was a trial run for me to see how I would do driving to Boston since I’ll probably do the majority of the driving there, not because Dave is incapable but because my car is the one that we usually take. Yes, he can drive my car, but we pretty much drive our own cars. It’s weird to most people, but I really don’t care. So, Monday? And Boston? First, the question of route. Take 84 through Connecticut or 95. If we take 84, how…

Blurred Lines

Posted on June 10, 2013

For my final 10 on 10, I’m breaking a few rules; in fact, I’m breaking all of them. There are more than ten photos, and they weren’t taken on the same day. Honestly, if it’s that big a deal, please turn me in to the 10 on 10 police. Pretty sure that the fine will be worth it since I decided to use the photos from my daughters’ college graduation. On May 16, 2013, Jordan and Shelby graduated from Temple University, and I couldn’t be prouder of them. They have done things I never thought possible, and I can’t wait to see what they do in the future. The photos are blurry and I didn’t capture every moment, but I don’t care. Some are…

Sweet Child Of Mine

Posted on May 14, 2013

Dear Girls – For once, I’m at a loss for words. In less than 48 hours – yes, we’ve come to that point where we can measure things in hours – you will graduate from college. And it hardly seems possible. I know I ought to have some words of wisdom, something important to tell you, but I really can’t put it into words. I thought for sure that if I waited until everything was all wrapped up this week, I’d have some time to sit and think about it and it would just come to me, and yet . . . here I sit with nothing. So let me just say this: I’m proud of you . . . so extremely proud of…

It’s Been a Long Time Coming

Posted on April 14, 2013

Dear Erika and Bridget – Most people, in celebration of their children’s birth, usually post a photo or two of their kids and say something about how wonderful that day was. They reminisce about how wonderful all the hospital staff was. How none of the pains were really that bad. They think about how loving their partner was and how it felt when that tiny baby was placed in their arms. But quite frankly, I figured today was better spent saying thank you because without you, I probably wouldn’t have a birthday to celebrate. Might seem a tad hyperbolic, but it’s true. I’m pretty sure that when Mom and Dad told you that you were going to be coming to Oxford for a week…