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Little Pink Houses

Posted on July 6, 2014

Independence Day is my least favorite holiday in the world. As a person who loathes loud noises and can hardly handle the heat and humidity, July 4th is not the best time in the world. The last few days of June leading up to the 4th can be torturous. Several years ago, someone in our neighborhood had a water cannon and would set it off every so often. Not knowing when it was going to go off led to some rather tense days for me and for our dog, Livvie. Liv was a large black Lab who dealt with loud noises about as well as I do, but as the years progressed, her anxiety with them increased to the point where I felt more…


Posted on June 25, 2014

I’m never sure if a new project or skill will take. It’s usually a crap shoot for me. One summer I proudly proclaimed that I would be giving up eating out, only to cave about three days later when I forgot to plan for dinner after a long meeting. Other things have come and gone, too, but more often then not, there is some varying level of success. Some even lead to bigger and better things. Case in point . . . running. Running started off as walking, but after Lucy arrived in our house, I quickly learned that if I didn’t walk faster, I’d have to walk her farther, and so I started running with Lucy.   Now that I’ve committed to Bullet…

Knocking On Mine

Posted on June 22, 2014

Knitting was not something that I wanted to like. I took my first class because I didn’t want my friend to be by herself, and I fought with the needles every single second the first few times I was there. But I persevered and created a most hideous scarf. Later, I made a “charming” sweater for a bear out of kitchen cotton, and then I set the needles aside for a few years and forgot how to purl. But one thing led to another, and soon knitting became kind of an obsession. Had you asked me after that first ugly scarf (and truly, I can’t impress the ugliness enough) if I would ever make a sweater for a person that involved fit and patterns…


Posted on June 19, 2014

Ahhh, summer! To tell you the truth, I’m not a huge fan. Part of it is the heat, but a bigger part is the unstructured nature of it. I don’t do well without structure. My summer alarm clock? About an hour later than my school year one, which is 4:50 AM. Yes . . . in summer, I give myself a whole extra hour of sleep. Each summer, I bring home books to read, books I swear will help the following year. And each fall, I schlep them back to my classroom having given them an exquisite taste of what life is like on outside of school. Yet each summer, I vow to be better with the organization. Nothing, however, seems to work for…

Land of Gathering

Posted on June 23, 2013

On Monday of last week, the girls and I took a very quick trip to Boston. Nothing major. Really nothing planned other than looking at apartments for Jordan since she’s going to grad school there in the fall. It was a trial run for me to see how I would do driving to Boston since I’ll probably do the majority of the driving there, not because Dave is incapable but because my car is the one that we usually take. Yes, he can drive my car, but we pretty much drive our own cars. It’s weird to most people, but I really don’t care. So, Monday? And Boston? First, the question of route. Take 84 through Connecticut or 95. If we take 84, how…

Instant Crush

Posted on June 4, 2013

Every school year, our grade visits Knoebles Grove Amusement Park. This year, I didn’t want to go but went anyway. As always, the food is awesome, and the bumper cars are the best…even if I got my bell rung by a student. Totally worth it. Here’s the photos from the day. And yes, I graded essays.


Posted on July 23, 2012

I’ve tried planing gardens in the past. Lord knows I’ve tried . . . I really have. I tended to some cute, little cherry tomato plants and a few containers of herbs only to let them go to seed in the final few days of summer. Perhaps I’ve even gone so far as to book mark some raised bed gardens on the Internet or listened to a good friend talk about her “lasagna” garden, but that’s about it. I’ve read and listened. Personally, I know my limitations, and they are not quite ready for the full garden experience. I’ll leave the gardening to my family members. Dave’s parents have planted a garden for as long as I can remember. Ever since the girls were…

Ain’t Got So Far To Go

Posted on July 11, 2012

It rained today. Shocking, right? For most of my family, they’ve seen enough rain to last them three summers, but we’ve been missing it here in our part of Pennsylvania. But today. Today, it rained. Not a lot . . . certainly not enough to make the grass turn all green and verdant. But enough. Seems like summer keeps moving faster and faster, whether it rains or not. There’s no slowing down the next six weeks and no denying that I’ll have to eventually come to grips with a new school year and all that it brings. If only the rain would wash away this damn impetigo on my ear (what self-respecting 42-year-old gets fucking impetigo?), I’d be out there puddle jumping instead of…