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The Sweet Escape

Posted on October 23, 2012

It takes me a while to get shit done these days. Dishes. Vacuuming. Grading. Processing photos. About the only thing I get done on time is go to sleep, and even that is in question given the number of times I’ve woken up on the couch. So I guess even that skill has left me. And it comes as very little surprise then that it might take me about two full weeks to get my Toronto photos completed and up. It has been ages since I was last in Toronto. Pretty sure that I was seven the last time I was there, so I doubt it even counts. But still, it felt very familiar. Very natural. Very homelike. Sure, there were lots of nods…

Ballad of John and Yoko

Posted on June 17, 2012

We’ve been talking about music this month on O + U, and I figured that I needed to get this mix tape from my past sorted out. Years ago, like almost 21 to be precise, CDs were so cutting edge that most cars didn’t have a CD player unless you were fortunate enough to have a tape adapter for your portable CD player. But almost every car had a tape player, and cars were filled with all sorts of tapes. Now, you would be hard pressed to even find a tape player. So when you discover the ultimate mix tape, the one that you played at your wedding, that doesn’t have any of the tracks listed because you couldn’t be bothered to list them…

This Woman’s Work

Posted on April 2, 2012

Does the song make you cry? You know what makes me cry . . . moms who try to dick around and “prove” that they work harder because of their own label: working mom or SAHM. I’ll let you in on a secret . . . you’re both awesome so cut each other some slack. I’m over at O + U today starting off the month of work and attempting to put an end to the “who works harder” debate that moms are fond of having. Won’t you join me? Fan of Kate Bush? Fan of She’s Having a Baby? Me, too! The song starts about 3:20ish and as an added bonus, you get “Crazy Love” by Bryan Ferry about 7:50ish.