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6/30 – The Rising

Posted on November 6, 2012

Today has been looming large for months, maybe even a year. I’m a political junkie. Live and breathe by it. Married to one. But I’m also a woman who can be worn down relatively quickly, too, so the goddamn campaign ads have been killing me for the past six months of so. I’ll be happy never to see another campaign ad again or to receive another email/postcard/mailer from any political party. Actually, there’s one postcard that I would happily receive again, but that’s a post of another day. And today – Election Day 2012 – has been long coming, and I’m only too happy for it to be here. Because I’m extremely grateful for the opportunity to vote. Is it a right? Duty? Privilege?…

4/30 – The Waiting Is the Hardest Part

Posted on November 4, 2012

Come September, two things are sure to occur every Sunday in our house: NFL football and chili. They kinda go hand in hand for us. And like most everybody I’ve ever met, I think my chili is the best for more than a few reasons. First, I use ground beef. Using chunks of steak means I’m making a stew, and while my chili is thick, it is far, far from a stew. Second, I use two kinds of beans (kidney and black) and no other vegetables. Diced peppers, stewed tomatoes, chunked onions – not going to cut it. Again, that is a stew you’re creating and not chili. The final ingredient that makes it mine: two sticks of cinnamon. I probably had you right…

3/30 – Plan B

Posted on November 3, 2012

Usually with a Gratitude project, you’re supposed to take a photo of something that day and then post it. Or at least that’s what the person who introduced this project to me says. Today, I’m going with my own interpretations on the project because I know what I’m doing after the day is done, and it won’t involve time to blog and post and all that good shit. Considering I have photos about today’s reason to be cheerful, I’m using those. Forgive me . . . or don’t. Several years ago, possibly a decade or slightly more, I learned how to knit. I took a class with a friend, created the most ass-tacular scrf ever known to God and man, and then signed up…

2/30 – Some Like It Hot

Posted on November 2, 2012

Power came back on here about 3:30 yesterday afternoon. Considering where I live, right smack dab in the middle of our town, we’ve been very fortunate in the past when a “weather event” has occurred, and our power outages have lasted a few hours at the most. Then it was enough for Dave and me to get a little stir crazy and laugh about the situation. But this time? It took a much longer time to get power back because this was a storm that wasn’t like any that we’d ever seen before. And so we did what many people had to this time around: relied on the kindness of others. This morning, when I woke to power and heat and comfort, I’m extremely…

1/30 – Band On the Run

Posted on November 1, 2012

I’ve never been good with gratitude. It seems too New Age-ish for me. About 13 or 14 years ago, I tried starting a gratitude journal just like Lady O suggested, and like most journals, I lasted about three days with it. I listed corny shit like new baby smell (they do smell divine) or a smile when you need it (truly, very nice), but then I noticed that I sucked at it. So I stopped. Enter blogs and November . . . a whole month of gratitude. I know I made it longer than five days last year, but I really don’t know if I made it the whole month. That thing about years and months falling in a predictable order? That just means…