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It’s Been a Long Time Coming

Posted on April 14, 2013

Dear Erika and Bridget – Most people, in celebration of their children’s birth, usually post a photo or two of their kids and say something about how wonderful that day was. They reminisce about how wonderful all the hospital staff was. How none of the pains were really that bad. They think about how loving their partner was and how it felt when that tiny baby was placed in their arms. But quite frankly, I figured today was better spent saying thank you because without you, I probably wouldn’t have a birthday to celebrate. Might seem a tad hyperbolic, but it’s true. I’m pretty sure that when Mom and Dad told you that you were going to be coming to Oxford for a week…

18/30 – One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer

Posted on November 18, 2012

Today, I am grateful for alcohol. It’s a Sunday. I’ve been up since 7 AM grading essays and grammar quizzes and vocabulary writing exams. I’m tired, bone weary, actually. But I’m hell-bent on my students having a very well-rounded picture at their first Parent/Teacher Conferences this year come Tuesday and Wednesday. My big fear is that parents will see their child’s grade, which is likely to be lower than they are used to because that is the norm in 7th grade, and wonder why that is. Is it a test thing? Perhaps it’s projects? So I want a little bit of everything be represented in their current grade. Deep down, I know what it is: being a 7th grader. I’ve said it a million…

15/30 – Jump Through the Hoops

Posted on November 15, 2012

This wasn’t the post I had planned. Not by a long shot. I even had a photo for my post from today taken and everything. But that changed about 11:10 this morning. My students were working on a review game, using an iPad app to quiz themselves. I looked up from one of their tablets and saw a friend at the door, so I went over to see what he needed since he teaches on a different floor. Great, I thought, I can show him the app and see what he thinks. But I wasn’t prepared for a crying student to be standing with him. Last year, I had a student who transferred to our team from another one on our floor. She came…

13/30 – Highway to Hell

Posted on November 13, 2012

First, the titles for my posts are song titles. I’ve either told you that or you’ve caught on by now. Sometimes I carefully select the titles, but most of the times, I simple hit play in iTunes and use the first song that comes up. Second, today’s post is about my co-workers. Clearly, I pressed play for this one. I could have called it “Part of Your World” or “You’ve Got a Friend in Me,” but instead, I let fate take a turn, and this is what she dealt me. Plus, these are old photos . . . sue me. August through June, I spend more time with my co-workers than I do my family. And pretty much like families, we all have our…

10/30 – This Time

Posted on November 10, 2012

Saturday routines are my saving grace most weeks. Sleep in moderately late, which means 7:00 to 7:30 AM. Take a shower. Or not. Feed the cats. Take a quick drive to Panera and grab breakfast with my one and only. Enjoy a cup of coffee. Go about my day. Today was no exception. Up at 7:00 AM. Took a shower. Fed the cats. Drove to Panera. Enjoyed a cup of coffee. Psssst . . . the song title is one of my favorite INXS songs, and I miss them immensely.

9/30 – My Hometown

Posted on November 9, 2012

When we moved to our hometown, we were coming from nine months in Michigan followed by one year in New Jersey. But 18 months before, we lived in our college town, Oxford, Ohio. We had our daughters there. They joined a play group. I had a tight group of friends. People looked out for each other. It was an idyllic place. Sadly, Michigan and New Jersey were both soul sucking challenges. But then came my hometown. It wasn’t perfect, but it has quickly become a place that I love. There are quirks. Things that make you scratch your head .Or bang it against a wall. But it’s charming. At night, the Main Street glitters with twinkle lights. People know each other. There’s a pretty…

7/30 – 99 Problems

Posted on November 7, 2012

Tired doesn’t begin to describe this morning. Two alarms. A cup of strong coffee. And Whitney Houston singing the National Anthem all day*. That was the exact way I got through my sleep deprived state of wonder and awe after last night’s election results. That postcard that I got from this election? In late August, a very sweet, kind social studies teacher from New York rang my doorbell and asked if he could talk to me about the upcoming election. He asked a few questions. We shared some stories about students. And then he asked if I would address a postcard to an important person: myself. Not just address it to myself, by give myself a reason to vote for President Obama in November.…