Every knitter has an idiot project. You might not call it that, but you have one if you are a knitter. The perfect idiot project meets several requirements. It must be easy enough to knit without needing a pattern. It must be portable to take with you. It ought to be enough to sustain your attention and enthusiasm, but if you look at the first two requirements, this is usually where the wheels fall off the cart. Because something it is both something you can knit without a pattern and kinds, sorta portable is usually rather boring. Nine times out of ten, and idiot project (for me, at least) is a pair of socks. Once you get them cast on, they are relatively smooth sailing. Knit the foot in stockinette and throw something “fancy” in for the leg, and you are all good. Until you get to the second sock.

I’m not sure why the last two idiot projects weren’t socks (cough, cough – peer pressure and forgetting that I needed something quick to take with me), but I fell for the Garter Trap just like most of the women at my knit shop. A few of them were knitting a Trap at sit ‘n knit one Saturday, and one of the women confessed to it being her second or third. Even my friend who is a newer knitter had fallen under the GT’s spell. “You haven’t knit one? Why?” she asked. I don’t think I ever gave her an answer and went back to whatever I was knitting, but later that night, I went out and grabbed some complementary colors and cast on. I figured that I would be able to knit on it while I was watching videos for my grad classes and take it on our trip to Ireland in a few weeks.

Oh, it's a trap alright . . . because at first, it's not that bad. But then, you realize you have way more to knit

Oh, it’s a trap alright . . . because at first, it’s not that bad. But then, you realize you have way more to knit

So the GT is a true idiot knit. Honestly, you don’t really need a pattern as you are just switching colors every other row and increasing every fourth row. You basically just knit like this until you run out of yarn, but preferably, you figure out where this is going to be so you don’t have to rip back a row to cast off. I chose Elsebeth Lavold’s Silky Wook, which isn’t a yarn that I normally enjoy (the smell of silk sometimes gets to me) and Louisa Harding’s Pittura. Originally, I wanted to use a lovely shade of teal in the silky wool, but there wasn’t enough, so I went with black instead. You know – teal, black . . . so similar in shades, right?

Best part about an idiot knit: you can do other things like watch videos, read books, talk to you friends, look at the pretty scenery outside of your bus window, close your eyes. Worst part about an idiot knit: tedium. They get very, very tedious. And quickly. This one proved to be no exception, but thankfully the best parts about it were there to save it. I’m 99% sure I know who this is going to. A person who should have had something hand knit by me ages and ages ago. Hopefully, she’ll forgive me and wear it anyway, knowing that this wrap saw the best parts of Ireland with her brother, laughing the entire time. It saw me through a master’s degree that was beyond boring in parts and mind blowing in the other parts. And I really hope she resists the urge to scream, “It’s a trap!” whenever she does, but if that happens, I am A-OK with it. Because lord knows I yelled it a few times while I was knitting it.

The Trap traveled all of Ireland and down some rather small country roads. Hopefully, it enjoyed the views as much as I did

The Trap traveled all of Ireland and down some rather small country roads. Hopefully, it enjoyed the views as much as I did

Pattern: Garter Trap by Andra Asars

Yarns: Elsebeth Laval’s Silky Wool and Louisa Harding’s Pittura

Needles: Kollage 6 (4.0mm) – I’m not sure that I would ever buy a non-square needle again

Modifications: none other than knitting four rows of black instead of alternating between the colors

Cast on: June 2016

Cast off: December 2016

So, the song “I Put a Spell on You” was probably most famously performed by The Screamin’ Jayhawks, but Annie Lennox’s version is pretty good, too.