Ever wonder about New Year’s resolutions? Why do so many people decide that come January 1, they will suddenly get the urge to exercise or eat better or go to sleep earlier or drastically change whatever behavior they’ve deemed problematic? Trust me . . . that urge for double stuffed Oreos is still going to be there come January 10. I’ve gone the route of making resolutions, and quite frankly, I really stink at them. So, I haven’t created any for years. Instead of taking on a resolution, I’ve adopted words instead. In the past, I’ve chosen growth and persistence with some decent success, so this year, I wasn’t sure where to go. I thought about focus as a possible one but ultimately settled on complete as my word this year.

For me, complete has multiple meanings. The biggest is easy. I start a lot of projects and have about a 35 – 40% completion rate. Countless knitting projects (and, yes, I laughed a little at my daughter when she explained that she couldn’t have two projects on needles at the same time – but yet, she finishes her stuff). Novels started (so many writing projects started). Five years of 365s started (with one completed). Running plans that kinda, sorta get stuck to (but only kinda, sorta). Complete allows me to work towards a better completion rate for all my projects. But it’s more than that. As “new agey” as it sounds, I need to remember that I am complete and don’t need to change anything unless I want to. I don’t need another degree unless I want it. I don’t need to take on a new way of cooking unless I want to. I can be complete without adding or changing anything unless I want to.

Yesterday marked the end of my One Second Everyday project. I have no idea why I stuck with it, but I’m really glad I did. It allowed me to look back on the year pretty objectively. Trust me, I needed objectivity. The second to last day of January, my husband lost his job. February brought a lot of uncertainty but also a lot of joy. March? I forgot about being in the pods for the majority of the month for work. April was several races and a birthday or two. In May, we were in the homestretch for school, which came in June with some amazing time spent with my Girls On Track girls. But July? Hello, Iceland and London . . . and a trip to Ohio to celebrate my dad’s 75th birthday. August celebrated our 24th anniversary (plus Duran Duran in concert, a new fence, and a return to work for me). September was Dave’s birthday and lots and lots of school work.  October was bittersweet with a funeral and a birthday, but it ended on a high note with some Star Wars mascara and a new job for Dave. November? Trips to DC with students, running, and a low key Thanksgiving. December gave us a wedding and family and Ohio and family and lots and lots of joy and family. Through it all, there were lots of “boring” days, days in which very little happened. Those days were among my favorites. Seeing my dogs going bonkers when Dave walked in the door. Watching my students rather creatively play with their food. Trying to figure out how to “be” in the picture. It’s not the big events that make up a life . . . it’s the little bits that make it perfect. They make it complete.

Here’s to a 2016 with more of that!

“Love” by John Lennon and The Plastic Ono Band – I’m not sure why this is in my iTunes library, but it came up on shuffle. Kinda perfect for today, right?