Why Reykjavik? Seems to be a popular question these days. Well, why not? Years ago, when we bought our house, we decided to stencil the names of cities we would like to visit at the tops of the walls. Some have been visited multiple times while others have been visited solo. But Reykjavik always seemed like a possibility. It’s 1) only a five hour flight, 2) not terribly hot in the summer, and 3) compact. When my sister-in-law’s brother posted something about cheap fares from Baltimore back in October, we jumped at the chance. Throw in a three day trip to London on the backside, and I’d call it a win-win. So what if I don’t speak a lick of Icelandic. We’ll cross that bridge when we get to it. 

We landed at 6:00 AM local time, and it’s now 9:54 PM here where the sun won’t set until midnight. I’ve been up for about 37 hours, run three miles in the ‘Burg, walked for what seemed like miles and miles here, and sampled enough local brew to make me want to check out house prices. Between the cool temperatures, beautiful scenery, tasty food and drinks, and bountious sunlight, it’s turning into one of those kind of trips. Skal!


Heading toward the harbor


Selfie at the Cathedral


In the Lebowski Bar


First Gull of the day


Love is love


View from our flat

“And Your Bird Can Sing” by the Beatles…there’s a Beatles themed place here, too