I’m on a parenthetical roll with these titles! Nine times out of ten, the titles for my posts have little if anything to do with the content. I’ve always struggled with the titles for writing, so when I discovered that Degrassi used song titles for their episodes, it seemed like the perfect match. Most of the time I hit shuffle on my iTunes and just write down the first title that I like, but occasionally, there’s a song that reminds me of the topic. Yesterday’s had to do with the feeling of pride after voting, but today’s was out of the blue. Kind of. Because the parenthetical was the first thing I thought of when I decided to write about being grateful for tonight. Tonight is pretty much about nothing. Tonight, I’m putting my feet up.

I could have graded some more vocabulary quizzes, but I didn’t. I could have moved the shelves up from the basement to my room, but I didn’t. I could have washed the dishes, but I didn’t. I put my feet up . . . and I’m grateful that I can that luxury. I have that option, and not every person does. There are many people who leave one job and head off to another (and another after that). My own children are grown, so the constant running and rushing with their schedules are well over. I can put my feet up if I want to.

5:30 - Lucy thought about putting her feet up, too, but then she fell asleep

5:30 – Lucy thought about putting her feet up, too, but then she fell asleep

And tonight, I wanted to do just that. Granted, I cleaned up the spare room before that. And read a few papers during the day. Plus, I learned a little bit more about new software package we use at school. Oh, and I “prettified” a collection box for our blankets drive for our local animal shelter (check our #BlanketsForShelters on Twitter for more info about how you can help your local shelters). There was the dinner that I prepared – it was just gnocchi and shrimp with butter and garlic. But tonight . . . right now? I’m putting my feet up.

“The Weight (Take a Load Off Annie)” by The Band . . . and I totally thought this was called “Take a Load Off Fannie”