Love. Peace. Freedom. Those grandiose ideals that I promised to be grateful for today? Taking a pass on the last two, but I’ll go with love. Lucy . . . I love Lucy. There’s no pun intended in that statement. Lucy, our 2-year-old mutt, is a snuggle bug. She’s needy and whiny and attention seeking. But she’s also loyal and funny and goofy. Two years ago, I would have told you that I was relishing being dog-free for the first time in over a decade, but truly it was a three-month period that was bereft of a lot of joy and companionship. The girls were at school, and Dave was traveling quite a lot. That meant me and the cats, who pretty much looked at me as the can opener. But a dog? Now that was something else.

2:30 - Lucy on the porch . . . this took a giant treat to get her to sit still in the wind

2:30 – Lucy on the porch . . . this took a giant treat to get her to sit still in the wind

Lucy can be the absolute most loving dog ever. All she wants to do is be on your lap. And she’s usually not content to sit next to you; she has to be as close as humanly possible, going so far as to wedge herself into crevices where she really shouldn’t fit. Is she a bit of a pain? Sure . . . I haven’t quite figured out how to grade with her sitting on my lap. And somedays (fine, most) she makes eating a little awkward since she thinks that her impression of a napkin is adorable. But I’ll take that in exchange for her keeping me company every day. Besides, if either of those truly bugged me, I’d have fixed it a long time ago.

Now that it’s just Lucy in the house, we’re thinking of adding another rescue to the mix. We found Lucy on Petfinder in January 2013, and I think we’ve narrowed our next pup down to two or three. Here’s hoping I have another rescue to be grateful for in a few weeks. But until then, love is just fine by me.

“Second Chance” by Peter Bjorn and John