I’m never sure if a new project or skill will take. It’s usually a crap shoot for me. One summer I proudly proclaimed that I would be giving up eating out, only to cave about three days later when I forgot to plan for dinner after a long meeting. Other things have come and gone, too, but more often then not, there is some varying level of success. Some even lead to bigger and better things. Case in point . . . running. Running started off as walking, but after Lucy arrived in our house, I quickly learned that if I didn’t walk faster, I’d have to walk her farther, and so I started running with Lucy.


Not every day is 100% checked off, but it's a good amount

Not every day is 100% checked off, but it’s a good amount

Now that I’ve committed to Bullet Journaling for about a week  (maybe a little less), I think I might have found a winner here. I know it’s still early in this experiment, but I was chatting with a friend earlier tonight about how this method had really allowed me to get things finished and be more organized and still have tons of free time. Jordan reminded me that there’s an app for this on the iPhone, but my phone can be a giant time suck most days. Since I stated using Bullet Journaling, I’ve finished two knitting projects and cast on for a new one. I’m taking a more focused approach to writing, and yet I’ve still had time to run with a faster group of women (a 7:1 run/walk is killer for this 5:1 chickee) and stay on top of my return to the 365 project. When I stated the Bullet Journal, Dave said it reminded him of a business book about the power of checklists, and I can totally see how this would work in the business world. For now, it’s letting me focus on one day at a time and making sure it gets taken care of. Hopefully it works for the school year because I know that I need to get reorganized at work. I can’t remember a year in which I felt more disorganized than the past one, and I pretty much hate the way it felt.

Just the pick-me-up my deck needed

Just the pick-me-up my deck needed

It will be interesting to see how the journaling project works in August. By then, I’m pretty sure I’ll have figured out the ins and outs for my own way of using it. Already, I know that a right facing arrow doesn’t cut it for me when I need to show something isn’t complete. For that, I’m using a circle inside the check box. I figure I’ll add collections to it in a few weeks as I start to amass different book titles and pieces of clothing for Project 333. Who knows . . . maybe I’ll even get cocky and make a collection for all of my unfinished knitting projects. If Bullet Journaling has taught me one thing, it’s that if I put it down on paper, I’ll get it done that day. And that’s an easy win for me.

PS – If you’re new to the blog, the titles are titles of songs. Nine times out of ten, it has nothing to do with the topic or post. Nothing.