Ahhh, summer! To tell you the truth, I’m not a huge fan. Part of it is the heat, but a bigger part is the unstructured nature of it. I don’t do well without structure. My summer alarm clock? About an hour later than my school year one, which is 4:50 AM. Yes . . . in summer, I give myself a whole extra hour of sleep. Each summer, I bring home books to read, books I swear will help the following year. And each fall, I schlep them back to my classroom having given them an exquisite taste of what life is like on outside of school.

Getting myself organized, one list at a time

Getting myself organized, one list at a time

Yet each summer, I vow to be better with the organization. Nothing, however, seems to work for me. Enter Pinterest, that giant time-suck-with-the-occasional-good-idea-thrown-in-to-keep-you-coming-back. My friend, Michelle, posted a link about Bullet Journaling, and while I didn’t really get the concept based on the link she had, I did find one on that page that clicked. Bullet Journaling seems simple and straight forward. I liked the concept. I liked the “marriage” between analog and digital (via my Evernote Moleskin). I liked the idea of getting a new pen. Basically, I liked it all the way around. So today, on the first full day of summer vacation, I started my bullet journal. I’m hoping it’s what I’ve been looking for, but so far, so good. Granted, it’s been a whopping 16 hours, but I’m willing to go for it this summer.

So far: run, summer photo, and sleeve . . . done. There are still three other tasks on my list today – doing the dishes, making dinner, and picking up the neck for my sweater – but I’m 99% sure that I can get them done before the day runs out. And, yes, I need to list doing the dishes and making dinner as tasks. Because I’ll do just about anything to get out of those two things. Perhaps I really ought to see if there’s anything on Pinterest to help with that.

PS – There is one more thing on the list, but as soon as I hit “Publish,” I can officially put a check mark in that little box.