Every January 1, I make some kind of resolution, some way to make myself better. Usually it’s based on something that I can accomplish within the year’s time frame and hopefully adopt for the rest of my days. Nine times out of ten, I do a fairly decent job for about two months, and then things begin to slip. In late 2011, I realized that I was wearing the same pants over and over again despite having about ten pairs of black pants for work. Why wear the same four repeatedly? Because they were the ones on top of the pile of clear laundry to be ironed. Duh. So why keep the other six pair? Laziness probably, but who really knows.

Trust me . . . there's a bed under all those clothes.

Trust me . . . there’s a bed under all those clothes.

When January 1 rolled around in 2012, I decided to try Project 333, which has a simple premise: choose 33 items of clothes to wear for three months. At the end of the three months, assess what you have and then change out the clothes in favor of more seasonally appropriate clothing. Courtney has a great “Getting Started” post if you are interested, and I found her guidelines to be fairly easy to follow. I made my own adjustments – I don’t count jewelry nor do I count anything I have knit and I usually allow for between four and six “roster changes” – and got on my merry little way. Funny thing happened. I realized I was pretty happy with the 33 items that I had and didn’t need much more.

But as with any project, I started slipping a little here and there. Bought a sweater at Old Navy (might have a problem at Old Navy) and didn’t get rid of one in my closet. Flip-flops . . . they are so thin. Can’t I count two pairs as one? And culling old clothes? What if I really, really, really, really need that red off-the-shoulder top again? Shouldn’t I keep it “just in case” I do? I tried to maximize the old school Garanimals potential with mixing and matching this school year with some success, but I forgot about clothes that I had in attic and bought some duplicate items.

Today was a minor “come to Jesus” moment, one that involved bringing nearly all the clothes from the attic downstairs and really taking a long, hard look at what I had. I also decided that I needed to write down what I had no matter what season it was. What did I learn? I have a ton of white tops from Old Navy. Too many tank tops from Old Navy. More jeans than I ought to. And a whole lot of running gear, which is something new because I did not run when I started Project 333.

It made for a very long day, but one that I am glad occurred. I’m happy with the wardrobe the I have selected for this season, especially since school is nearly finished for this school year. When I get it all sorted out, I’ll take one more look at it before I put it out there. Already I’m looking at different websites to locate items that worked well this year for replacements and better colors.

Now I just need to rejuvenate Project 365 and get a schedule set for writing. Baby steps . . . baby steps.