I couldn’t tell you the first time I used a computer. Maybe as a 9-year-old at my cousin’s house when we were playing artillery? It was on a cassette tape and you had to get the green blip aligned just so . . . maddening.

Fast forward about 35 years. How I got to an educational conference is beyond me. Cassette tapes don’t exist for most people. Ask one of my students what they are, and chances are they won’t be able to tell you. But today? Using technology as an equalizer. Teaching kids SCRATCH. Utilizing MMOs in your class. What. The. Hell.

Cassette tapes…might as well be speaking in Greek.

The keynote speaker, Dean Shareski, left us with this thought: How often do our students get to wonder? And truly, how often do you get that chance? I’m wondering all day long.