On Monday of last week, the girls and I took a very quick trip to Boston. Nothing major. Really nothing planned other than looking at apartments for Jordan since she’s going to grad school there in the fall. It was a trial run for me to see how I would do driving to Boston since I’ll probably do the majority of the driving there, not because Dave is incapable but because my car is the one that we usually take. Yes, he can drive my car, but we pretty much drive our own cars. It’s weird to most people, but I really don’t care.

So, Monday? And Boston? First, the question of route. Take 84 through Connecticut or 95. If we take 84, how should we get there? Suffice it to say, we settled on 84, and Connecticut quickly became my least favorite state (many apologies to my favorite people who actually live in Connecticut). First, the traffic entering and exiting from both sides of the highway needs to stop. And the sign “Crossing Traffic” is confusing as anything. Construction signs? Those should probably be bigger than three feet and posted fairly early, not right when you hit the construction. But the biggest complaint? There’s no need to drive like you’re in a video game. Seriously, ladies and gentlemen of Connecticut (are y’all Connecticans? Or Connectitians?), you have a gorgeous state…but driving like you stole it is just plain stupid.

We got to Boston in rather “tornado-y” weather, according to Shelby, and couldn’t figure out where to go for dinner. Thanks to Yelp! an old favorite from England became the clear winner. After dinner we did a quick tour of Cambridge and saw where Jordan would be attending classes in a few months. On our return to the hotel, one missed turn meant seeing more of the greater Boston area than I intended, but it did introduce a new favorite street sign: Thickly Settled.

Thankfully the signage meant that I could run through a neighborhood because running opposing the traffic was rather frightening. However, I had no clue how hilly Boston was. Totally kicked my ass in more was than one. We spent the rest of the day running errands in Cambridge and then looking at apartments. I’m pretty sure that Jordan has found one, but we’re still waiting on the lease. She’ll be close to public transport, a grocery store, and tons of restaurants and bars. Plus it’s decent sized for the price in the Boston area.

All in all, our trip to Boston was enjoyable and likely our last “girls’ road trip” as soon we’ll be on different continents or separated by more than a short train ride. In and amongst the sights, there were some squabbles – always have been, always will be – but more than enough laughter and conversation to make up for it. The next trip to Boston will involve a moving van and leaving one child there to start the next chapter of her life. I’m positive it will be spectacular!