Nearly didn’t make the 10 on 10 this month. Sure, there have been a few days when I took ten photos, but those photos were mostly of our new puppy, Lucy. And while love good dog photos, she’s not quite there with the camera in her face, and truly, I don’t know if I’ll ever be there with capturing her running after the cat. Come Friday, February 8, better known to some of you as the Wrath of Nemo, I figured that I may as well make that the day. I spent my day playing with Lucy, which really meant getting up early and taking her for a little walk, snuggling on the couch with Lucy, running to Target and then to the post office (ahhhh . . . Nemo! Day off from school for no real snow. Such a waste!), taking a small nap while Dave worked from home, taking Lucy for another walk only to find out she was crapping blood (too much?), driving to the vet just as the snow began to fall, waiting with Dave until the doctor could see us and give us some meds, watching Lucy play with Olive (no . . . they aren’t ghosts), and then watching the snow continue to fall well into the evening. I’m pretty sure that Laura might have a few photos of her latest addition in her 10 on 10. Why don’t you go have a look after you’re done here.

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PS – Benefit of Sirius Satellite radio? More likely to hear some favorites from the ’80s like “Lips Like Sugar”