Let’s see . . . I started this months 10 on 10 about six times. I’d take a few photos, but every time, I’d forget by lunch time and then realize that I started the next morning when the project repeated itself. Until yesterday. Because yesterday was do or die. My last chance for the month. An earth shattering day? Hardly. It was pretty normal for a Friday. Woke up. Showered, put on make-up, blew my hair dry. Grabbed a cup of Starbucks. Worked on essays with my students. Ate some lunch. Continued working on essays. Put our chairs up. Dismissed my kids. Wondered what we actually accomplished. Took my car to the car wash. Went to the monthly knit night. It could be any Friday for me. Routine. But all mine. When you’re done here, check out how Laura spent her day.

Before and After

If it’s Friday, it’s a triple venti non-fat latte

An impossible essay


Still working on the impossible essays

Putting the chairs up

Bus duty

Did we accomplish anything?

At the car wash

Ending the night with the Dream Club at the knit shop