Today has been looming large for months, maybe even a year. I’m a political junkie. Live and breathe by it. Married to one. But I’m also a woman who can be worn down relatively quickly, too, so the goddamn campaign ads have been killing me for the past six months of so. I’ll be happy never to see another campaign ad again or to receive another email/postcard/mailer from any political party. Actually, there’s one postcard that I would happily receive again, but that’s a post of another day.

And today – Election Day 2012 – has been long coming, and I’m only too happy for it to be here. Because I’m extremely grateful for the opportunity to vote. Is it a right? Duty? Privilege? All of the above? Truly, I’m not sure. But it’s something that I do almost every election. I’ve missed a few, here and there, as have many people, and because of bizarre election rules in my state, I can’t vote in the primaries unless it’s a ballot initiative because I’m registered as an independent. But in the general election, point me in the right direction and hand me my sticker.

6:30 – I Got My Sticker! Did You Get Yours?

Today was the first presidential election for both of my daughters. They weren’t sure if they would vote absentee or not for a long while. Our state has had some “issues” about ID laws recently, and voting absentee was looking like it would be only way. But the law was suspended for this election, and they both changed their registration location and voted at school. Around 1:28 PM, my youngest sent me a photo of her. In it, she’s wearing her “I Voted Today” sticker, smiling broadly with the thumbs up sign. Underneath, she texted “Jordan did, too!” Nothing could make a mother prouder than the next generation, taking some ownership and voting in the current election.

If you haven’t already voted, there’s probably still a little time in your area. And simply because I feel like it, today’s song title is my favorite Bruce Springsteen song. Enjoy!

PS – Yesterday? I was grateful to be back at work after an impromptu Sandy induced autumn break . . . but a migraine forced me to bed, which also made me grateful for no campaign ads.