Usually with a Gratitude project, you’re supposed to take a photo of something that day and then post it. Or at least that’s what the person who introduced this project to me says. Today, I’m going with my own interpretations on the project because I know what I’m doing after the day is done, and it won’t involve time to blog and post and all that good shit. Considering I have photos about today’s reason to be cheerful, I’m using those. Forgive me . . . or don’t.

3:30 – Knitting

Several years ago, possibly a decade or slightly more, I learned how to knit. I took a class with a friend, created the most ass-tacular scrf ever known to God and man, and then signed up for another class and created a sweater for a bear. That’s right. I knit a sweater for a teddy bear. After that, I abandoned it for a while, but then when my sister, Bridget, was pregnant with her second child, I took knitting back up. There was something about it this time that stuck, and I’ve never looked back.

Is it cheaper to purchase the clothing already made? Yes. Is it faster to purchase the clothing already made? Yes. But that’s not the point. I don’t knit because I can make a sweater or socks or a thong or a hat or a washcloth. I knit because I can. And today, after everything that has happened in the past few months, I’m grateful that I can knit. It soothes me. Makes me focus. Distracts me, too. Allows me to stay busy. Then again, the laziness that I crave can be excused with some needles and yarn. Simplifies buying presents. Offers a challenge for the perfect knit-gift.

3:30 – Pretty sure Bat Girl is a knitter

If you have a craft or a hobby, you know what I’m talking about. Can I get obsessed about it? Sure . . . anything can lead to an obsession. Then again, there are far, far worse and more expensive things to be obsessed about. However, you’ve probably never priced pure quiviut before. That will set you back a pretty penny.