Power came back on here about 3:30 yesterday afternoon. Considering where I live, right smack dab in the middle of our town, we’ve been very fortunate in the past when a “weather event” has occurred, and our power outages have lasted a few hours at the most. Then it was enough for Dave and me to get a little stir crazy and laugh about the situation. But this time? It took a much longer time to get power back because this was a storm that wasn’t like any that we’d ever seen before.

And so we did what many people had to this time around: relied on the kindness of others. This morning, when I woke to power and heat and comfort, I’m extremely grateful for the friends who offered their homes for a warm shower. Friends who provided a three-hour break from the reality even while they were without the same power themselves. Friends who gathered at the knit shop to share some laughs and exchange new tips. Friends who made sure you went home with the most insanely rich homemade brownies topped with peanut butter icing.

2:30 – A Plateful of Brownies

When so many people who have lost everything – homes, livelihoods, loved ones – I know that our experience pales by comparison. We lost a refrigerator full of food, and I’m pretty sure that our daughters would call that a blessing in disguise. We lost “valuable” campaign ad airtime. But I’m grateful for the brownies that my friend made me take home. They are the reminder that there is always something to be grateful for.

Still not convinced you can be grateful and what to help? Donate money to the following groups: Red Cross, ASPCA, Salvation Army, AmeriCares, CityMeals