I’ve never been good with gratitude. It seems too New Age-ish for me. About 13 or 14 years ago, I tried starting a gratitude journal just like Lady O suggested, and like most journals, I lasted about three days with it. I listed corny shit like new baby smell (they do smell divine) or a smile when you need it (truly, very nice), but then I noticed that I sucked at it. So I stopped. Enter blogs and November . . . a whole month of gratitude. I know I made it longer than five days last year, but I really don’t know if I made it the whole month. That thing about years and months falling in a predictable order? That just means I get one more chance to make it a year. So here goes.

Today, November 1, 2012, I am most grateful for him. Because after yesterday’s debacle with our power company, he figured out a way to make me stop crying. Our issues with the hurricane have been slight by comparison. We didn’t lose any property. Only a few trees branches came down. And until 10:45 PM on Monday evening, we had full power. But since then, nothing. It’s gotten colder. Very cold. Yesterday at 8 AM, we got a text from our electric company saying power would be restored around 3:30 PM. Elated doesn’t begin to cover it. We drove to Barnes & Noble to combat cabin fever and waited for the “official” text. It came at 2:57 PM, followed by a text from a friend on the same grid saying she had power.

1:30 – Him, Just Him

Woo-Hoo, right? Wrong . . . a text about 30 minutes later said expect electricity by November 5, 2012, at 11 PM. I wanted to believe it was joke, but when we pulled in the driveway, the light that I left on out of optimism was completely dark. Faced with another evening of cold, cold home, I couldn’t do it. And I started crying. Not the pretty crying. The I-am-not-making-sense-and-snot-is-going-to-drip-from-my-nose-any-second-and-oh-dear-god-please-stop crying.

So he made a few phone calls, got a hotel room, helped me pack a bag, and we were off. Best part . . . he didn’t look sideways when I ordered the beer sampler last night for dinner. After a decent night’s sleep (the worry over our cats in the cold house kept me up), we’re headed home so he can go to work, and I can figure out if I can make it one more night in the house. I’m pretty sure that with him, I’m good for a few more nights under the covers.