I guess when I contemplated doing the August Break, I took it as a break for a month from blogging . . . good thing I didn’t sign up for it since I clearly didn’t fully grasp the concept. That being said, it’s time for another 10 on 10. When I started this, I planned on picking my day from the previous month. But like all good plans, this one fell by the wayside in the lovely month of August. It’s a really tricky month for me: my anniversary, my parents’ anniversary, at least three birthdays (really more like six or seven when you add in cousins), plus several other anniversaries. And then there’s the whole back-to-school fun. So getting a 10 on 10 day done during August wasn’t in the cards. Trust me, if you saw me right now, I’m not looking too concerned. So, without any further explanation on my part, here’s my day on September 4, from the moment I stepped into my classroom and booted up the computer to the time when I finally said, “Enough! Go to bed, you idiot . . . you’ve got school in the morning!”

I change the desktop image of my computer daily. It’s almost always a photo of my daughters.

We are working on Word Snapshots at school. List the things you like, dislike, and think are popular now. Color code it for later.

Their artwork is always better than mine, but they are still kind enough to say my work is “nice.”

Tina is working on a project with our students. Technology hasn’t been our friend these days.

‘Tis my good luck owl. It’s really just an eraser I liked.

Bus duty at the end of the day . . . kinda chaotic.

Those raindrops? Not a good sign . . . my wipers stopped working this morning.

Turns out they can’t get the wipers to work . . . and it’s pouring rain.

Caught a ride from a friend. Came home to a table full of “fun” and usually Olive

Going to bed after a long, long day

Thankfully, my windshield wipers now work (first they wouldn’t turn on, then they wouldn’t turn off . . . it was comical). Now head on over to the lovely Laura Louise and see what she’s got cooking for her 10 on 10.