July was a rough, rough month. I didn’t feel like myself for the vast majority of it, and for that, I blame the prednisone and medication that I was on. My mind felt like it was swimming at times, kind of like being a little bit drunk but all the damn time. Sounds like fun, right? And the best part . . . even after I stopped taking the steroids, I still had that feeling rattling around in my brain. And why say all this? Because I put off my 10 on 10 day until July 31. Do or die time basically. Like it or leave it. Basically, my last stand for the month. Here’s my day from 7 AM until 7 PM.

7 AM – Walking for the 5K Training Program

9 AM – Trip to Target

11 AM – Home After a Pedicure

12 PM – Olive In a Box Like Always

1 PM – Making Happy Crackers

2 PM – Happy Crackers (Before and After)

3 PM – Gilly Enjoying Some Food

4 PM – Taking a Break

5 PM – Livvie In the Sun

7 PM – Ending the Day at Sit ‘n Knit

For me, this was a pretty typical day. I’ve been cooking a lot, trying new recipes, and making delicious food to eat. The Happy Crackers were a huge, huge hit. Dave liked them, which is nice, and I think I’ll up the seasoning next time since they were a tad on the bland side. I’m happy that I went with the sparkly teal for my tootsies since in a few, short weeks, I’ll need to go with the conservative colors once again when the doors to school open wide.

And now that you’ve seen how I spent my day, go see how Laura spent hers. I’m pretty sure that it will be spectacular!