Sometimes it pays, like really, really pays, to read recipes before you just got down the ingredients. Because if I had done that, I wouldn’t have purchased the huge container of Greek yogurt for my refrigerator oatmeal when I only needed 1/4 cup each time I felt like making it. So what’s a girl to do with all that leftover Greek yogurt? Why consult the Internet for some amazing ideas! Turns out . . . I couldn’t find any that I really liked. I did, however, find one from FAGE for something called Angelic Cheesecake, and I figured, “OK . . . I’ll make that for our anniversary on Friday because a) it’s our anniversary; b) Dave likes cheesecake, and c) he really likes lemons.” But then I read the recipe a little closer (shocking . . . the thing that got me into this mess in the first place, right?), and it pretty much looks like Greek yogurt on top of graham crackers with some lemon curd swirled in. That, my dear, is most definitely not cheesecake. It’s yogurt. On a graham cracker. With some lemon curd.

But the lemon curd? Now we’re talking! And because I looked at the directions after I had already bought the ingredients for the lemon curd (ahhh . . . I’m that predictable), I pretty much decided to make the lemon curd today whether I planned on making the “cheesecake” or not. Because my husband loves lemon. He’s suffered through my attempts at making a grapefruit meringue pie (do not use whole wheat flour when making the filling; it tends to look like bugs) as well as countless purchases of store-bought-but-tastes-just-like-grandma’s lemon pie, but I kinda think he deserves the real thing. The Full Monty, if you will, but without the full-frontal nudity.

I used this recipe and followed it to a T, and I paid careful attention to the teaspoon and tablespoon fiascos that have caused issues for me in the past. And instead of putting it into a bowl, I decided to employ the latest Mason jars in my ever growing collection: half-pints. Considering I got about two pints out of the recipe, I think I can spare a half-pint to take to the Girls on Saturday morning so they can see how domestic their mom has become in the past two weeks. The initial results? Nothing short of amazing. It’s tart yet sweet, and the consistency is smooth, which is nice because occasionally lemon curd can be anything but. I’m envisioning a small tartlet with a crust made out of Biscoffs and butter . . . but I’m pretty sure that Dave will be more than happy to slather it on his Shake-and-Pour pancakes tomorrow morning.

C’mon . . . it’s not all domestic, frou-frouness here. I’m still down with the Bisquick.