When we got married, Dave and I combined furniture to outfit our new home. I brought a horrible green chest of drawers, my grandmother’s secretary, two cribs and dressers for the girls . . . and he brought the bed and matching dressers for us. Things have changed in the past 20 plus years – the cribs are long gone as are their dressers, the green dresser was stripped and turned out to be quite lovely – but the one constant was the bed. It survived the many teeth marks from the girls as they were toddlers, served as a safe space when those same girls were a little older and frightened by Balto or Doctor Who, launched many a night of laughter and other noises, held secrets only two people married for 21 years can share. It was steady and lovely and very, very old.

But one morning, a loud crack put an end to all that. Had I been doing anything remotely fun, I could handle it . . . but nothing could have been further from the truth. Asleep one minute. Sitting up in a broken bed the next. Nothing can set your mood off more than breaking your fucking bed. So what’s a girl to do if she feels like sleeping? Buy a new bed, right? That’s a problem if you have a full sized bed because you either a) are a child and must want something for a five-year-old; b) really, really love wrought iron; or c) enjoy IKEA.

Funny thing about IKEA. I’ve never fully trusted furniture that relies on both counting the hardware before you construct it and being able to decipher pictograms. But when you like having a headboard for support and aesthetics, you take what you can get. And what you can get is a full sized bed at IKEA. Screws were counted. Allen keys were deployed. Box springs were measured. Few curse words were exchanged. A bed was constructed.

And along the way, we grabbed our normal Saturday breakfast. We fixed our light that was broken last September. We comforted a nervous dog. We took a little siesta. We hustled our daughters’ cat off the new bed. We grabbed dinner. We made a pretty full day of it.

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