Chances are if there’s a zoo in a 30 mile radius, the requests will begin. “Hamburg has a zoo, you know … We should visit the zoo … Maybe Thursday we can go to the zoo.” And so we did. I honestly thought this would have faded with time, this fascination with all things zoological. But then again, Jordan was the only one to correctly identify the sturgeon on the television last night, so I don’t think the animal love is going anywhere, anytime soon.


So … I’ve never been to a zoo where you can buy bag of food to feed the elephants. Or where you can sit on a bench and have the muntjacs come up for a little handout. Or where the roosters and chickens join your picnic as lunch guests instead of just lunch. Or where a beer and a cigarette as you stroll are normal. Then again, this was my first trip to the Hagenbeck Zoo.


After our leisurely stroll through the zoo (and four hours is a leisurely stroll for us), we headed back to Hamburg for some shopping, a bit of sight seeing, and dinner on the Alster. We ended the evening with cocktails, which is nice and odd at the same time. Nice because with 21-year-olds, you don’t have to look over your shoulder for the police. But odd that you’re sitting there with your kids, drinking a Mexican Sunbail (pretty sure it’s a tequila sunrise … and tasted like candy) or a White Russian or an espresso martini or something vaguely cough syrup inspired.


Sure, they’re still Other Baby and Other Baby from the townhouse on Jacqueline Drive who liked to take daily walks around the cul-du-sac to pick dandelions. Only now their world is slightly larger, and I find myself wishing for a baby monitor.


And another cocktail.