Because we were planning on staying in Hamburg for a week or so, Dave and I decided to rent a flat. The cost per night for a hotel was pretty steep, and by comparison, a flat was about the same, maybe a little less when you throw in access to a kitchen. Things you aren’t prepared for:
– doors that stick or won’t unlock. It took four of us get in last night. I had visions of sleeping on the street.
– daylight that extends well past the hour of sleep. Hotel = blackout curtains. Flat = not so much.
– different places for your bowls and such. Not a biggie, but when your looking for a wine glass and you find a soup bowl. Wait … that could be okay.
– television in German. Iron Man doesn’t translate. Especially when you say the “R”
– packaging in the States that looks similar to another very different product. Hence, you think you bought cream cheese but can’t figure out where the soap is … until you realize that it’s in the fridge because you thought it was cream cheese. Maybe that soup bowl wine glass mix up was worse than I thought.


But the view is spectacular. Now if we could just figure out how to get the door open to enjoy it.