This past winter was a little on the crazy side. Not crazy in the amount of snow that we received. Crazy for the amount that we didn’t receive. As in none save for that freak snow storm in October that took out a few tree limbs and ripped out part of our fence. No snow means no snow days. But when you’re a teacher who doesn’t particularly care for snow days, it all seemed okay and hunky-dory.

Well, smack my ass and call me Sally if it doesn’t kinda bite a little right now. Last year, I’d be looking at about 30 more days of school. Have had little breaks here and there from my students (and let’s face it, them from me). Feeling pretty confident that I could get everything done by the last day of school. But now? Shit . . . I thought yesterday was Thursday until 2:30 PM, and I saw my students walking down the hall for tutoring. Because they come to me for tutoring on Wednesdays for fuck’s sake! And I forgot to buy them snacks!

Week 2: Roots

In the end, the school year is wrapping up whether I’m ready or not. My kids are busting ass on their final project. Kids I haven’t seen enough effort to power a potato clock went home today and uploaded photos for their alphabiography. Students told me that they were glad I was offering to stay after school and help them because A) they got their work done, B) it was kinda fun, and C) they liked being there. What the hell?! Getting work done, fun, and like being in school all in the same sentence . . . I must be dreaming. But before the end, I have three projects to complete, groups to arrange for next year, a room to dismantle, and a quick nine-day trip to see my youngest.

I guess I can sum this up by bastardizing Game of Thrones, “Summer is coming.” May as well get out of its way!