I knit for a variety of reasons but the biggest one is it staves boredom. Shopping with the Girls? Knitting. Sitting on a crowded subway? Knitting. On a long flight? Knitting. Participating in a three-day conference? Ummm . . . knitting. Consequently, I usually have an idiot project with me at all times. I never get more than a few rows done of the easily memorizable, and you know what. That’s fine by me. Sometimes the idiot project is a pair of socks (I think I knit a pair while we were prom dress shopping), but the past two have been scarves. I’m not sure why because I don’t usually wear scarves, and they aren’t as transportable as a sock. However, the scarves have been the way to go now for about a year.


Last week, I had a three day training for a group at school. on the first day, I completely forgot my knitting. Painful doesn’t even begin to describe the day. I was cranky and tired and lost concentration about ten minutes in. So I brought my knitting and asked the instructor if I could knit while we were in our training. For some reason, people who don’t knit seem to think you can’t concentrate with a pair of needles in your hand, so she said as long as I could pay attention and participate in the discussion when called upon, it was fine by her (somehow I don’t think she asked the same people who were busily texting on their phones all day the same question).

During the course of the last two days, I paid attention and knit and stopped to take notes and eventually finished the idiot project I had with me. Luckily I finished it with five minutes left in the training. Because without the project, I probably would have been crankier watching all the other folks “paying attention” with their phones.

Scarf Saturday

Project: Opa! by Teresa McCusker (pictured above)

Yarn: Dream In Color Smooshy with Cashmere (yarn club exclusive colorway)

Needle: Addi Turbo Clicks in size 5

Modifications: None other than not getting the damn thing done in time for Dave’s Christmas present. Sorry, sweetie, but I’m pretty sure that you wouldn’t have been able to use it much this year.

PS – the other scarf? I made it for my mom (act surprised, Janet!) because I wanted to play with the yarn, and it is so not me. I’ve played with it, and it’s ready to go live with someone else.