When Shelby left for Germany, we got a cat in the bargain. Olive, one of the kittens that they rescued in the woods, can be a bit of a pest when left to her own devices. The Girls went through some issues with fleas that were tracked into their apartment, and we took Olive home with us for a few months so that they could get everything taken care of. Even though everything was cleaned from top to bottom, they were still afraid that there would be a problem, and Olive spent her days outside of their bedrooms and hanging out in the living room only. To say that Olive is a social cat is an understatement. If she were a person, she’d be an extrovert of the highest order with a penchant for knocking shit over.

For example:

  • she jumped on Dave’s dresser and pushed the alarm clock off, breaking it in the process;
  • while jumping on top of the refrigerator to get to her cat food, she knocked over a bank full of coins;
  • after being locked out of the bedroom, she attempted to open the door . . . the Girls told me about this, and I doubted them (note to self – don’t doubt your children); and
  • the amount of glasses she’s pushed over goes up exponentially based upon my level of tiredness
Turning Into a Crazy Cat Lady


Easiest way to keep her satisfied? Give her a twisty-tie. Let her look out the window. Run your toes back and forth under the blanket. Knit. And that last one? That last one might result in a new fur hat . . . for me.

This cat might be the death of me. If she weren’t so damn cute.