The hardest part about a post? Coming up with the title. Silly and stupid, I know, but that’s the sad fact. What to title a post . . . it all comes down to that. I’ve had full posts ready to go. And I hit delete because I couldn’t come up with a title. So I decided to go back to an old format.

For example, you might think this is about baking or cooking. Here’s a fun fact: I don’t really do either. Sure I’m a pretty decent cook and baker, but the lack of a dishwasher really prevents me from going “hog wild” into the whole culinary arts (that and the fact that it’s just the two of us for the most part in the house). So, no . . . not about cooking.

Chili is better with a pinch of cinnamon . . . two sticks to be precise

Perhaps it’s about being a red head. Sure, if I still was a red head it might be about that. About 15 years ago, I decided to ditch the bottle blonde and head for the auburn fields. Truly, I loved the glint of sun off a newly done ‘do. But it was too much to maintain and then I went super short and the greys popped out and it’s back to normal everyday color. Bye-bye, red! Hello, cheap natural color!

Or, you could think that I’m a huge Neil Young fan. Nothing, my friends, could be further from the truth. The only Neil Young tune I can stomach is “Harvest Moon” and then only with liberal amounts of wine and because it reminds me of college. The whine that appears in every Neil Young song drives me batty in most cases; for some reason, it’s slightly charming in “Harvest Moon” . . . no clue why.

So the post title? The titles are song titles. I’m just hitting the play button on my iTunes and whatever comes up will be the title. Simple, easy, and nothing to do with the content. The first song that came up was a cover by Susanna Hoffs and Matthew Sweet, who will always be a first love for me. Granted, he’s aged since “I’ve Been Waiting,” but any man who can pen that song and then marry the woman he wrote it for and stay married to her deserves to keep that bit of first love.